In the guise of Maurice you would be very hard-pressed to tell who was the real Maurice Gibb. Only for the fact that the original Maurice is no longer with us. Alan has been in Stayin Alive from it's early days and has helped no end to make the act what it is today....THE WORLD'S PREMIERE TRIBUTE TO THE BEE GEES.

Alan has been on the circuit for 25 years, his early days were spent in a duo with  lifelong music pal Steve Crabbe. They were  the North West's answer to the Everly Brothers winning talent shows under the name 'Just Alike'. Tragically, Steve passed away and Alan joined up with local five-part harmony band Legend, the band proved immensely popular on the local club circuits. Due to other commitments Legend eventually disbanded . Urged by his friend Dave Marr, Alan attended an audition to supply the Maurice Gibb harmonies and looks to Stayin Alive. Alan returned from the audition a fully-fledged Maurice Gibb tribute in every sense of the word. Like Maurice, he shares a common interest in gadgets and instruments, playing keyboard and bass guitar and always likes to stay updated with the latest musical gear on the market, enhancing the sound of Stayin Alive and adding to their reputation as one of the leading tribute bands in the business.

When Alan is not performing with the band, he likes to spend his free time at home , either working outdoors in his garden or spending time with his wife Sue and his family.



Alan Leather


Maurice Gibb