Bill was born in Jarrow in the North East of England, he has always had an interest in music and singing, inspired by his father, who was an accomplished piano/accordion player. In the late 90's Bill was approached by an already well established local band called 'In at the Deep End' to become their lead singer.After a hugely successful run the band went their separate ways to pursue other projects.

Bill carried on as a solo artiste covering all types of music and styles, but it was always Bee Gees covers that received the best reviews. It was then that Bill decided to concentrate on becoming a Barry Gibb tribute, and at the same time, as luck would have it, Stayin Alive were auditioning for a new Barry to join them in the Spring of 2007. The audition was a complete success and Bill knew after that there was no turning back. His main desire and vocation had been realised, to sing as his idols professionally.

As a natural Bee Gees fan, Bill plays the part of Barry with a zest and enthusiasm rarely seen in a tribute artiste. When the band is not touring Bill likes to spend time with his sons Alan and Christopher, and of course his very understanding and patient wife Alanna.


Bill Howard


Barry Gibb