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Fri       May                    17th         NOT AVAILABLE

Sat       May                    18th         Southampton

Sat       May                    25th         Skegness

Sun     May                     26th         Southend-on-Sea

Thur   May                     30th        Porthcawl

Fri       May                     31st          Weymouth



Sat         June                  1st            Weymouth

Sat         June                  8th          Blackpool

Sat         June                  15th         Humberston

Wed      June                  19th         Hereford

Sat         June                 22nd        NOT AVAILABLE

Thur      June                 27th         Warrington

Fri          June                 28th         Wetherby

Sat         June                 29th         Yateley



Thur    July                    4th           Brean

Sat        July                    6th          Tonbridge Castle

Sat        July                    13th         Elsecar

Fri        July                    19th         Burton on Trent

Sat        July                    20th        Welwyn Garden City

Fri        July                    26th         Camber Sands ( LIVE BAND )



Fri       August                 2nd        Eastbourne Bandstand ( LIVE BAND )

Sat       August                 3rd         St.Helens ( LIVE BAND )

Mon    August                5th  -  Friday August 16th   NOT AVAILABLE

Sat       August                17th       Teignmouth   ( LIVE BAND )

Sat       August               24th        Billingham

Fri       August               30th        Weymouth

Sat      August                31st         Weymouth



Fri       September        6th          Bristol  ( LIVE BAND )

Sat       September        7th          Crawley

Sun     September         8th -  Monday September  16th   NOT AVAILABLE

Thur   September      19th          Crawley

Fri       September      20th         Horsham

Sat       September      21st          Blackpool

Sun     September      22nd        Birkdale

Fri       September      27th          Harrogate

Sat       September      28th         Gillingham



Sat       October            12th         Manchester

Sun     October             13th         Glenrothes

Fri       October            18th         Bahrain

Sat       October            19th         Snodland, Kent

Thur   October             31st         Wakefield



Fri       November         1st           Bognor Regis

Fri       November         8th         Whitemead Forest

Sat       November         9th         Berkswell

Sat       November        16th        Tipton

Sat       November        23rd       Southend-on-Sea

Fri       November        29th        Wetherby

Sat       November        30th        Bristol



Wed    December         4th         Clowne

Fri       December          6th        Leeds

Sun      December         8th         Blackpool

Thur    December        12th        Gateshead

Sat       December        14th        Humberston

Mon    December        16th        Highcliffe

Fri       December        20th        Blackpool ( LIVE BAND )

Sat       December        21st         Spalding    ( LIVE BAND )

Sun      December        22nd      Durham

Tue      December        31st         Pickering


Eastbourne Tickets


Thur  January   2nd  -  Thur January 30th  NOT  AVAILABLE


Fri     February            7th          NOT AVAILABLE

Sat     February             8th         Isle of Man

Sat     February           15th         Norwich ( LIVE BAND )


Sat      March               14th          Gillingham

Fri      March               20th         Bradford

Sat      March               28th         Gillingham


Sat      June                  13th         Herne Bay ( LIVE BAND )


Wed   July           8th - 15th        Cyprus


Fri      October            30th         Wallingford


Fri      November         6th          Bedford


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