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Stayin Alive in the

How did it all happen.......?


The Sheldon Theatre, in Redwing Minnesota, had a couple of American tribute bands perform at the theatre.Ben Manning, brother of Stayin' Alives Jim (Robin), said..............

'' Hey, my brothers got a tribute band in England, they do the Bee Gees. Lets get them over here then'' was the reply.....and so Bens challenge had began.


Ben became the bands U.S. promotor, putting up posters in almost every shop in the city, stopping anyone he passed whether he knew them or not to promote the band coming over from England. After a year had passed, Stayin Alive finally touched down on U.S. soil. Having eventually overcome Visa problems, not just before the visit but even at the airport, they came across another...........missing luggage and guitars.


They arrived 24 hours later, but the drama wasn't over.....Bill's (Barry) blue guitar had arrived smashed !


Ben just happens to make and repair guitars,however on seeing Bills, he announced the guitars 'time of death'. Nothing could be done for it, but his work was still not over, he supplied Bill with a guitar, usually used by wife Katryn, both members of a successful 'Bluegrass band'. Now the trio were ready to go......below and on the other pages are photos of the visit. Stayin Alive would like to thank Ben for his time, work and hospitality, and to the people of Redwing for having us and making our stay so warm and friendly.

Thank You all, very, very, much.

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