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Gurinder told me that the track will be used in the end-credits and that I had to make it a fun song.I still treasure my original vinyl of Saturday Night Fever, which I bought in 1977 from HMV in played an important part in why I started to DJ: I knew I was going to be a DJ early in my life thanks to music like Saturday Night Fever, which influenced me so much.I had to keep referring back to the original whilst making my version.

Can you describe how you have 'desified' a cult track like Stayin Alive ?

What was the challenge in re-creating a track like this ?

Are the Bee Gees fine with your version ?

Permissions were taken to re-create the song. I am not sure what the Bee Gees will think of my version, but would love to know their views !

I knew the most difficult thing I faced was not just doing justice to this classic but finding someone who could sing as close to the originals as possible.I auditioned so many local guys but no one really could hit the notes, or just didn't sound like the Bee Gees to me. Finally my wife Sita got hold of a contact and we approached Stayin Alive UK, three guys who go around the world singing Bee Gees songs on stage for a living. So I got them to come down to my studios and drop the vocals to my beats - they were awesome and sounded so much like the originals.The vocals took some time as there were so many harmonies and overlaying and the final mix took me about eight weeks.The next step was to get a tumbi player, for which I went to Ludhiana to record.The dhols and Indian drum percussion was dubbed in my studios in the UK.I've used loads of hoye hoyes, hadippas, dhols and dance beats, keeping the feel of the original with newly-played live guitars and bass.

I had done numerous Bee Gees bootleg mixes in my early schooldays, so now I had the chance to do it properly and so knew it was something right down my street ! I'm sure that this version has all the ingredients for a mainstream top 40.My little girl loves this song and knows all the words after hearing it night and day, so let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that we get the same reaction from the public.

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Bally Sagoo talks about his version of Stayin Alive

It's a Wonderful Afterlife

The new movie from 'Bend it like Beckham' Director Gurinder Chadha.

The movie features a Bollywood version of Stayin Alive,

produced by Bally Sagoo and performed by Stayin Alive U.K.


Read how it came about and listen to the final product. ( see below )